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We take the time to understand your business, regardless of its size. We can help you with your daily operations to your long-term vision and goals. At First Farmers & Merchants, we make our decisions locally, work along side your team to keep your business on track and moving forward toward growth and success.

Commercial Loans

  • Operating - funds are used to cover the costs of operating shortfalls during a business cycle.
  • Capital assets - funds are used to purchase capital assets.
  • Business acquisitions - funds are used to purchase an existing business.
  • Equipment - funds are used to purchase equipment.
  • Real Estate - funds are used to finance the purchase of commercial real estate or refinance existing debt.
  • Leasing services - improve your cash flow by providing 100% financing on vehicles and equipment, which allows you to keep bank credit lines available for other credit needs.
  • Lines of credit - funds that are an effective agricultural financing tool to help smooth out the variable cash flow of the typical annual production cycle.
  • Rural development - mortgage loan offered to rural property owners.

Government Programs 

In addition to the types of loans listed above, we participate in various government programs which make funds available to meet identified credit needs such as:

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) - assisting small businesses to start, grow and prosper. SBA provides its loan guaranty to the lending institution. 
  • Rural Finance Authority (RFA) - Young Farmer Program - preserve and develop the state's agricultural resources. This is accomplished by extending credit on real estate security through the purchase of participation interests in first priority mortgage farm real estate loans. Loans to persons entering or currently farming and meeting the eligibility criteria are eligible for participation.
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) - direct and guaranteed farm ownership and operating loans to family-size farmers and ranchers who cannot obtain commercial credit from a bank, Farm Credit System institution, or other lender.
  • Agriculture Best Management Practices Loan Program (AgBMP) - provides low interest financing to farmers, rural landowners, and agriculture supply businesses to encourage agricultural best management practices that prevent or reduce runoff from feedlots and farm fields and other pollution problems identified by the county in local water plans.
  • Farmer Mac (at participating banks) - long term competitively priced agriculture real estate loans.

Ready Check Commercial Line of Credit*

Ready Check Commercial Line of Credit may be attached to your checking account for overdraft protection, and much more! It is a convenient credit line that allows you to write yourself a loan whenever you need it.

*Upon approval and finance charges may apply.