Safe Deposit Boxes

Peace of mind in a box! Safe deposit boxes provide peace of mind to clients who value the security the boxes offer for documents and other irreplaceable items. What do you need to know about safe deposit boxes and how they work? Here are answers to some common questions:

What purpose do safe deposit boxes serve?

Safe deposit boxes protect your personal documents and valuables against fire or water damage while keeping them safe from misplacement, accidental disposal and theft. Safe deposit boxes also protect the privacy of the items placed in them, as only you and co-renters, if any, have access to them.

What items should I place in a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes provide a secure storage option for important original documents and other small items that are critical to protect. Items commonly placed in safe deposit boxes include birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance policies, deeds, titles, mortgages, leases, contracts, stocks and bonds. Personal valuables such as jewelry, rare coins and stamps, photos, videos, awards, and mementos can also be stored safely at the bank. You should avoid placing anything in a safe deposit box that you may need in an emergency. Examples include passports or medical care directives that may be needed during hours that the bank is closed. You may want to place the original copy of your will in a safe deposit box with the understanding that this will be accessible to co-renters or your Personal Representative in the event of your death.

Who can access your safe deposit box?

You can rent a safe deposit box with a spouse or other person you want to have unrestricted access to its contents. You cannot simply give someone a key with verbal permission to open the box. Appointing a deputy or agent and establishing general power of attorney are other ways of granting others access to your safe deposit box. State, local and federal law enforcement officials may also with “reasonable cause” seek and receive permissions from an appropriate court to open your safe deposit box.

How much does it cost to rent a safe deposit box?

Please check with your local branch for current sizes available and the costs.

How do I insure my safe deposit box?

Contents of a safety deposit box are not FDIC insured. See an insurance adviser for coverage options.