e-Alerts | Business

We can alert you of a designated event by text message or e-mail for FREE. It can be for a one time occurrence or a recurring event. Online Banking access is not required. You can receive an alert for just about anything!!

Some examples include:

  • Low balance
  • Card transaction
  • When a specific check has cleared
  • Electronic debits and/or credits
  • Loan advance notification

All great ways for you to monitor your account activity. Click here to contact a bank representative to set up your e-Alert or log into Online Banking to set up your own e-Alert. For a list of Email to Text (SMS) addresses click here.

Are e-Alerts Secure?

Yes, e-Alerts are secure. If you choose to have an e-Alert sent to you via email you will be required to establish a password at the time the event is created. When the e-Alert is generated you will be required to enter this password to view the alert. If you choose a text message e-Alert, all sensitive information is masked in the message.

*Text and data rates may apply.