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Anyone with an account at First Farmers & Merchants Bank may enroll for Online Banking. Go to the Online Banking page and click on "Enroll in Personal Online Banking" to access the enrollment form. Select the bank where you opened your account, and then complete the first-time user information and click submit. You will be prompted to set up your Username and Password. Next you will establish Enhanced Security for Multi-factor authentication which is in the form of three challenge questions that will be used to identify you on your computer. After you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Online Banking, you will be able to view your accounts online. You will receive an electronic banking disclosure via mail approximately one week after enrolling.

Go to the Business Online Banking page and click on "Click here to enroll in eCorp" to access Business Online Banking (eCorp) enrollment forms. 

You may change your e-mail address at any time by clicking "Profile" at the top of the Online Banking screen and selecting to edit your email.

Make sure you are using the Username and Password that you chose initially. Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive, so if the Username you chose is in capital letters, you need to use capital letters to log in as well. If you still cannot get logged on, call the Help Desk at (866) 733-3444.
A Username must be at least 6 characters. The characters may be letters or numbers or a combination. Letters may be upper or lower case, however Usernames are case sensitive, so remember exactly how you typed it upon setting it up. Passwords must be 12-17 characters and must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one special character and one number. 
You may call the Help Desk at (866) 733-3444 to change your username.
You may change your Password online at any time by selecting "Profile" from the Online Banking screen and then selecting "Change Password."
Once you have logged onto Online Banking, you have begun an "active session." If you walk away during the course of an active session, someone else can use your computer to perform transactions involving your accounts. It is similar to walking away from an ATM machine while your card is still in the machine. For your security, Online Banking will automatically end your active session if there is not activity on your computer for 20 minutes. However, to eliminate any exposure, it is always better for you to end the active session by selecting "Log Off" when you are finished or close your browser window.
Online Banking allows logged in users to see account information for every account that user's name is connected to. Not all accounts for all married couples are joint. Even if they are all joint today, that does not mean that one of the spouses may open an individual account tomorrow. Banks are under very strict regulations regarding privacy. If a spouse would walk into the bank and ask for account information on an individual account of the other spouse, the bank is not allowed to provide that information. For that very reason, Online Banking accounts will not be reset for anyone other than the owner of the social security number of which the account is enrolled. It is recommended that all customers enroll themselves using their own name and social security number.
You can set up alerts from Online Banking. Or you can choose to receive push notification alerts, which are set up from our Mobile Banking app.

To make any changes to your mobile banking options, you will log into Online Banking from a desktop or laptop PC. From there, you will go to the "Preferences" link and click on "Manage Devices" under the Mobile Banking Profile section. There are several options available for Mobile Banking including adding a phone; having the mobile browser link resent to you via text; register for additional Mobile Banking options. 
For Personal Mobile Banking, click the "Forgotten Password?" link from the home screen of the mobile app on your device. Follow along and complete the required information.

For Business (eCorp) Mobile Banking, you may only change your password from a computer browser. Choose your current location, and Business for Account, then click the "Forgot password or PIN?" Follow along and complete the required information.
Our Help Desk staff would be happy to answer any of your questions. They are available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday; 7:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday, excluding holidays, at (866) 733-3444 or you can email the staff at

Depending on the nature of the missing information, it may result in the delay of you receiving credit on your account. Generally, the payee will contact you or the bank if they have a question on the payment.
You may cancel a payment that has not already been made. You can do this by choosing "Cancel" next to the payment you want to cancel. On the next page that opens, click "Cancel Payment" and then "Finished."
Yes. The payment will be issued to the payee, however NSF charges may apply and your payment may be returned if funds are not available. If the payment was a paper check, the return would go back to the merchant in which you were paying. If the payment was an electronic ACH payment, the return will go back to CheckFree and they will contact you directly.
This will depend on the payment. Call the CheckFree Help Line at (866) 886-8248 if you are unsure if a payment can be changed or canceled.
The payment will be made the following business day.
Log in to your Bill Pay account through Online Banking. Next, click on the "View Profile" tab, choose "Cancel Service" radio button, then click on "Cancel Service" to complete your cancellation.

Only complete, unaltered checks in U.S. currency drawn on a financial institution in the U.S. and made payable to the account owner(s) that have been properly endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only” plus your signature/endorsement and the payee's signature(s) and dated less than six months from the deposit date can be deposited. 

Items that cannot be deposited are: 
  • No money orders
  • No cashier’s checks
  • No traveler’s checks
  • No foreign checks (i.e., checks not payable in U.S. dollars and/or drawn on a financial institution outside the U.S.)
  • No bonds
  • No third party checks
  • No convenience checks (i.e., checks drawn against a credit card or line of credit)
  • No insurance drafts
  • No returned or re‐deposited items
  • No checks or items issued by a US federal agency, such as the Treasury Department
Yes, limits are set for the number and dollar amount of mobile deposits that each customer can make per day. The limit is $2,000.00 per check and $2,000.00 per business day. For questions about your Mobile Deposit limits or to request an increase, please call the First Farmers & Merchants Help Desk at 866-733-3444. 
You should restrictively endorse checks transmitted through Mobile Deposit as follows: 

  • “For Mobile Deposit Only” plus your signature/endorsement
  • Check the box under the endorsement line that says "For Mobile Deposit"
If an original check deposited through Mobile Deposit is dishonored, rejected or otherwise returned unpaid for any reason, you will receive an image, reproduction or substitute of the original check and we will charge the deposit amount back to your account. A return item fee may be charged to your account. As with any returned item, you will be responsible for reimbursing us for all loss, cost, damage or expense caused by or relating to the processing of the returned item. You are prohibited from attempting to deposit or otherwise negotiate an original check through Mobile Deposit if it has been charged back to you. You may be able to negotiate a returned item in person and should speak to a Customer Service Representative at any of our locations if you require such assistance. 

As described in your Account Agreement, if you deposit a check that is returned to First Farmers & Merchants for any reason, including insufficient funds of the payor, we may “set off” the amount of the returned item. We may ”set off” by debiting the account into which you deposited the returned item or by transferring funds from another First Farmers & Merchants account held by you. We may do so whether or not the reason for the returned item was presented to us on a timely basis. 
You will be able to view the status of your deposit from your mobile device as soon as the deposit has been transmitted. The deposit will appear on your Online Banking inquiries approximately at 5:00 p.m. each business day and will then be available for withdrawal according to the terms of First Farmers & Merchants Funds Availability Schedule.

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