We've Got You Covered--Overdraft Prevention

There are times in life that your bank account balance is nearing zero and your debit card won’t allow you to make a purchase or cash withdrawal. It could also be a matter of timing when a debit comes out of your account sooner than expected, or you are just one day away from payday and think you’ll make it without overdrawing your account. Protect yourself from embarrassing exchanges in public from your card being declined and check out the options we have available to you. Maybe there is an emergency situation and you need money quick (flat tire, out of gas, etc.) or maybe you need a 'float' between paychecks. We at First Farmers & Merchants recognize that life has it's unexpected expenses and surprises, this is why we want you to be aware of some product offerings or services that we have to give you some options to prevent any overdraft charges in the future.

Options include:

  • Ready Check Line of Credit- A consumer line of credit which requires an application and approval process.
  • e-Alerts - receive a text message or e-mail notification to notify you of a low balance or that a debit has been posted to your account.+
  • Automatic Transfer from another account (i.e. savings to checking).
  • Online Banking allows you to manage your account, view balances, make transfers, etc.
  • Mobile Banking App allows you the convenience of checking your Instant Balance, viewing transactions, making transfers.+
  • Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit a check in case you can’t get to the bank during regular business hours.+
  • Scheduling an appointment with a bank representative for financial counseling.

First Farmers & Merchants is here to help, please contact us if you are interested in any of the aforementioned products or services. 

+Text and data rates may apply.