Traveling Tips

young man and woman looking at a globe and world map
Traveling abroad is fun and exciting, but it's important to let us know where you will be going and the dates you will be traveling so we can make sure your finances are secure. It just takes a simple call to your local branch or our Help Desk to give them the names of the countries that you will be visiting.  We want you to enjoy your trip with the peace of mind that we are keeping an eye out for any fraudulent charges to protect your account. Some things we need to know:
  • What specific countries will you be visiting?
  • Do you have our Help Desk number 866-733-3444 in your phone contacts?
  • Do you have a second form of payment or do you need a First Farmers & Merchants Travel Card*?
  • Have you downloaded the CardValet app**?
It is also important for you to be aware of our Fraud Alert SMS Text Messaging System. If fraud is detected, you will receive a Free Text Message from 207-33 notifying you of a suspicious transaction.  You are able to either validate the charge or report it. If you do not respond within 15 minutes it will initiate a phone call to your mobile device to confirm the purchase.Check out the video below for more information.
*Not available at all bank locations. 
**Text & data rates may apply.