Switch Banks

Ready to switch to First Farmers & Merchants Bank? We're here to help!

Changing banks doesn’t need to be a big scary thing. In fact, when you switch to First Farmers & Merchants Bank we’ll do everything we can to help make it easy. After all, that’s what we're all about. So call us. To help make the process a smooth one, please use this simple checklist and the forms provided to make the move from your current financial institution frustration-free.

Before closing your old account:

  • Balance your checkbook. A clean break will save you headaches later.
  • Print your e-Statements from your old account that you wish to keep on file. (optional).
  • Update your direct deposit information, and keep your old account open until your regular deposits show up at First Farmers & Merchants Bank. This form will help you make the move:
  • Notify your old bank if your address or telephone number changes. This will avoid any year-end interest reporting issues for tax purposes.
  • Identify and switch any automatic payments made from your old account.
  • Contact those businesses authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your old account and give them your new routing and account number.

When closing your old account:

  • Put it in writing. Close your account with a letter instead of a phone call, and be sure to include your address and phone number — especially if you're changing neighborhoods as well as banks. 
  • Keep a copy of your letter — and any closing confirmation from your old bank — in your own financial records.
  • Shred your old checks and debit cards from your old account for security purposes. In fact, bring them with you to First Farmers & Merchants Bank and we will securely destroy them for you, FREE!