Compliance Officer--Full Time

The location of this position is open to any First Farmers & Merchants Bank Locations or remotely if necessary.



Responsible for the compliance function including all requests from bank employees for compliance information via e-mail, telephone or in person. Maintains an on-going compliance monitoring program as a basis for the preparation of a risk based audit schedule.  Responsible for compliance training and support of compliance functions at the bank level.  Participates in the development of new products, services, procedures and policies.       


  • Administers and monitors a program that ensures the bank’s compliance with laws, regulations and rules governing banking.
  • Acts as compliance resource for the banks, responding to all request via e-mail, telephone or in person, for questions regarding compliance issues.
    • Utilize MBA Compliance Help as additional resource.
    • Maintain a data base of compliance questions.
  • Research and stay apprised of federal and state banking laws and regulations.
  • Assists in the development and the maintenance of policies and procedures ensuring that they comply with regulations.
  • Lead the compliance portion of monthly audit/compliance committee meetings and assist in preparing minutes for those meetings.
  • Reports regularly to Management and the Board of Directors regarding compliance monitoring system.
  • Develops and incorporates compliance monitoring in day to day operations.
  • Make recommendations to Management to improve operations as necessary.
  • Work with management assessing potential areas of risk.
  • Performs an annual risk assessment in order to establish a risk based audit schedule in coordination with the audit team.
  • Reviews all advertisements and ensures that they are compliant prior to placement.
  • Participated with the development of new products and services for compliance review.
  • Attends Operations meetings as scheduled.
  • Coordinate record retention.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all employees receive applicable compliance training covering regulations.
  • Attend bank branch staff meetings, as necessary, for compliance support on internal procedure and to provide updates on regulatory changes.
  • Coordinates compliance examinations and assists management in the preparation of responses to regulators.
  • Provide ongoing support and training to the Community Reinvestment Act Officers.
  • Provide ongoing support to the Bank Secrecy Act Officers and attend training annually to stay apprised of current rules.
  • Responsible for ensuring the complaint process is working properly.
  • Implement Compliance Task Forces as needed.
  • Participate in Hot Topics sessions as requested.
  • Drafts comment letters to regulators regarding proposed regulatory changes affecting the bank.


  • Bachelor’s degree or 2 to 4 years of compliance experience or equivalent experience.
  • Certification preferred (CRCM)
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